Utility Optimisation


One of the main services we recommend to our clients is energy optimization. We therefore carry regular energy audits by making an inspecting survey and analyzing electrical and thermal energy flows to ensure energy conservation. This process aims at reducing energy expense and carbon footprint.

Our control and monitoring systems work towards the use of utilities (Energy, Water and LPG) in an efficient and less costly manner. Our latest technology usage allows us to analyze various components of the building envelope in order to determine the factors which influence utility flow within the space. We take action with respect to the weaknesses of the system after assessing user behavior, climate and the age of the building. We then produce a diagnostic report which contains advices on energy reduction strategies. These may include suggestions for adjustments of the temperature, switching on and off timings of the HVAC, or replacement/ cleaning of equipments.

Partnering with FCM Ltd is a definite advantage for long-term energy optimization planning for your building or home.