Facilities Management


It is our responsibility to keep your utility systems running at peak efficiency.  Proper maintenance of your equipments is therefore of prime concern for us at FCM Ltd.  Customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with our objective to provide maintenance plans and check-ups to ensure the extension of the life of your assets with a view to avoid expensive repairs.  Thus, we provide general, electrical and mechanical maintenance at required intervals.

We also develop an array of preventive and reactive maintenance strategies which will dramatically decrease future maintenance costs.  We advise our clients well in advance about the need for replacement of obsolete or inefficient equipments where necessary as well as any other important measures that ought to be taken.

As general facilities management professionals, we also provide:

  • tailored plans to meet your needs in terms of energy and water efficiency.
  • general building maintenance such as gardening and general cleaning.
  • training for personnel to adhere to rules of general maintenance practices, and improve their usage of various facilities.


Furthermore, the branch of FCM Ltd catered for the maintenance of SMEs and Individuals can be found at depanaz.mu.