Automation and Control


FCM Ltd is specialized in the design, provision and installation of:

  • Climate Control (Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning – HVAC);
  • Building Management Systems;
  • Artificial Intelligence integrated systems;
  • Domotic systems;
  • Automation systems.


FCM Ltd strives to design effective air-conditioning systems that can control temperature, humidity and pollution levels. The various benefits include better sleep, better work performance, lower risk of dehydration and heat strokes, as well as less outdoor noise.

Our areas of expertise include AI (Artificial Intelligence) Integrated systems which can effectively reduce energy consumption. The efficiency of this system lies in the way it detects various thermal loads influencing the temperature of a space, for instance, human activity, solar radiation, and heat from electronic devices, and adapt the conditioning system accordingly. The application of AI allows the system to discern how to optimize air-conditioning energy consumption, without compromising on comfort – this can consist of precooling the space and when to lower the cooling due to inactivity. Our HVAC systems which can include AI functionality are aimed at saving more energy than those equipped with traditional energy management controlling techniques. Furthermore, accommodating your lifestyle by adjusting your comfort is now possible through our domotic and automation systems. We provide the latest technological advancement at your doorstep which allows you to remotely control your home necessities to suit your daily routines. We can bet on low energy consumption as we give you the possibility to control the temperature in any room by just pressing a button and through the installation of a programmable smart thermostat. Everything is designed to cater for your welfare, comfort and security.

FCM Ltd also provides intelligent automation and control systems for industrial, large residential, hospitality and retail applications ranging from supervisory and control systems (such as SCADA and HMI) but also Building Management Systems (BMS) to better understand and optimise your daily operations.