Industrial / Retail

The fast pace at which the world is evolving also requires quick and efficient production of goods in a safe and sustainable environment conducive to good health of the global citizens.  Centralized monitoring system is one of the factors which contribute to an energy effective industry which performs well in terms of productivity as well as maximizes profitability.  That is where FCM Ltd steps in.  We provide:

  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Lighting systems
  • General Motor Control
  • SCADA systems with HMI


The development of Key Utility Performance Indices (KPIs) is also one of our aims.  These concern the effective management of energy, water and fuel to ensure that the industry is achieving key business objectives.

FCM Ltd is in the field of formulating KPIs after analyzing your business processes and offering efficacious solutions guaranteed to constitute towards meeting your goals however competitive the market may be.  We go the extra mile by sensitizing your employees to adhere to those KPIs.  Your worries are ours.  We bring you the solution to your major concerns.