About Us

Facility and Control Management (FCM) Ltd is an innovative technology company aimed at improving comfort, welfare and security of residential, industrial, hospitality and retail buildings, through Smart Automation and with minimum associated costs. We are a team of experienced Resource Managers and Engineers, specialized in offering facilities management services, as well as utility (Energy and Water) management services. We have a dedicated team which manages the facilities and a team which monitors the performance of the buildings, with a view to giving and implementing utility optimization advice. Our team has a wide array of experience ranging from auditing, implementing and maintaining novel resource (energy and water) efficiency measures in leading supermarket chains, processing plants (fisheries, plastic and breweries), hotels, and apartment buildings in Mauritius, South Africa and Kenya.

In FCM Ltd, our Clients have a one-stop solution to maintaining the facilities at the optimum performance, finally transforming into a reduction in operating costs of their facilities. FCM Ltd provides the audits, advice, installation and implementation, and monitoring, as per the client’s request.

Our Company Profile can be obtained here.